Chad & Lisa

Tetrad Brewing Company was founded by two brothers, John and Chad, with the goal to create and share quality, hand-crafted artisanal beers with their neighbors. However, the most important mission has always been to brew for the love


The name of the brewery - Tetrad - is a noun meaning a group of four. The number four resonates all throughout their lives: Four ingredients in craft beer. Four steps in the process of brewing. They are from four distinct regions of the US (they have lived in Alaska, New York, Vermont, Utah, and South Carolina). As they journey across the many peaks and valleys of their personal and professional lives, they’ve remembered their philosophy - they brew for the love of family, friends, community, and charity. Through this realization, Tetrad’s Brew Four The Love initiative was born.


Brew Four The Love officially launched in June 2020 in honor of Lisa Tydings, the cousin of Tetrad's co-founder, Chad Tydings. Amazingly, Lisa beat cancer twice but, unfortunately, was given the news that she’d go back to battle with this dreaded disease a third time. With inspiration drawn from her love of family vacations in the Outer Banks, we crafted Lisa’s favorite style of beer, with flavors to match her bright spirit: a lemon-ginger shandy called Lisa’s Lemonade. While Lisa is fun-loving, she’s also a fighter, which is why we decided to create her alter-ego in liquid form: The Feisty Lisa - the Lisa’s Lemonade shandy mixed with Prosecco, creating a feistiness to tackle anything.


A portion of proceeds from each sale of Lisa’s Lemonade and The Feisty Lisa go to support Lisa and the organizations that have helped pull her and her family through these challenging times. Our Lisa's Lemonade Fund currently totals over $3000, which speaks volumes about our Tetrad community! You have shared our story, shown your encouragement online, have enthusiastically told your friends in person. This is how we brew the love and we are grateful!  


Many of you have asked how to donate if you aren't local, don't drink alcohol, or don't prefer a shandy (we aren't offended!). If you feel strongly about supporting our Lisa's Lemonade Fund, please consider using the DONATE button below. We appreciate each and every one of you who join us in our Brew Four The Love mission regardless of the ways you choose to show your support!


THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, for being an important part of Tetrad's #brewfourthelove community.